Wednesday, December 5, 2007

And so, another year wraps up

I love end of the year goodness. Like top ten lists, summarizing the year into small moments and events, and all sorts of cheeriness. And I like looking forward, to the new year, to making lists and having new goals.

I attended a WebJunction webinar today, The Personal Learning Experience for Library Staff and other Busy Professionals. (Archive should be up soon.) It was a great little reminder on organizing myself and having a learning program. Which I feel like I have through twitter, bloglines, facebook and all the assorted other tools in my life. I think I am a bit of a absentminded creative type, ideas bursting at the seams but sometimes lacking in the follow through. I will open a tab to go to site XYZ and by the time I enter in the url I can not recall where I wanted to go. I follow blogs and read about things that I want to learn and do, and sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. And I want to write more, professionally and personally. So in short, I decided to start my 2008 resolutions a month early?

Why you ask?
Well, because I believe that resolutions are about changing patterns and behaviors, two things that don't happen overnight or in a 7.5 hour workday. Behaviors and patterns that are a result of life experiences. I also believe in success and the ability to overcome obstacles, so by starting a month early, I will have some groundwork for my resolutions to stick, thereby not setting myself up for failure. I will also be more measurable in my goals, to ensure there are outcomes and products. So one of these is to write more, blog more. About library stuff, about nonlibrary stuff. I'll leave the fabulous blog entries about library philosophy and service to the folks who do that best, and figure out what works best for me. I know that I want to write about my family and mental illness. I want to write about my experiences in retail therapy. I want to write about the little moments of library joy.

Oh, and I totally want one of these.