Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Evening Shift

The past 24 hours have been full of network connection issues. When I arrived at work, there was no interweb, but for some reason Flickr, gmail, and Facebook all worked at my desk. Clearly, the important tools for a Reference Librarian.

Do you have the Deadliest Catch on DVD? (Doesn't the name of this show should like an extreme dating show?? Also, friend from high school is on this show! COOL!)
Where can I find this book: 808.something?
What is the phone number for San Diego Public Library?
Articles on team dynamics and leadership.
Biographies on Lee Trevino and Arnold Palmer.
Please help me print.
May I have a scrap piece of paper?
How can I tell if a company is reputable? (Me: What kind of information were you looking for? Patron: (and this is the real reference question) My daughter won a trip to Hawaii from this company, but we have to buy $300 worth of products. I just wanted to make sure this company was reputable.) (Company was Sun Laboratories out of LA, and according to the LA BBB company gets an F rating.)
I am looking for the address, phone number and name of ambassador for the US Embassies in Paris and Berlin. Is there one in Dresden?

(I am getting a lot of questions about Germany lately. )

My boss got this question today: Where do I sign my CT tax return?
And apparently, it took him about 5 minutes to explain where.

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