Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reference on a Rainy Windy Sunday

Can I use a computer?
Where are the bathrooms?
Is that you? (Shameless promotion)
What time does the movie start?
What movies do you have by Pedro Almodóvar?
I am looking for books on business statistics.
Do you have these movies? (And hands me a list.) I only have ten minutes.

Seriously. That was pretty much it in four hours. It was a ghost time, most likely due to the weather. I just spoke about customer service regarding the post office. Likewise, the police department wasn't very helpful either. I contacted them to inquire about a master list of road closings, so I could figure out how to get home. The woman's response was, "We have no idea. You are just going to have to figure it out yourself." I recently blogged about local searches for my library blog, and this type of information is impossible to find online. Two of three ways I know how to get home were closed due to flooding. I only knew this from attempting to get home those ways. While the our databases, google/ask, and news sources give us information a plenty at our fingertips, the local and current information is another challenge.

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