Friday, April 13, 2007

Reference Questions: Friday the 13th Edition

I am not sure I believe in things like Friday the 13th or full moons, but I will tell you this:
There have been some characters in here today. Wow.

Can I return Stamford Library books to Darien or Greenwich?
Are spaces in the library for quiet conversation? I am meeting with someone to practice conversational skills.
May I have more minutes please?
Where can I find travel guides to Greece and Athens?
I am looking for a guide to do my taxes.
Do you have any materials on diluted securities or convertible securities?
Do you have The Secret on DVD? Your catalog says you have one copy available.
(Yes. We do have one copy on the Bookmobile. Here is where the Bookmobile would be today. But, I don't want to drive there and have it not be there. That would be a waste of my mine. If you want it to be there and think that it will be there, it will be there!! Power of positive thinking!!)
Can I have the most recent copy of The Outlook. (We had April 4 in the binder and in the S&P database, April 4 is the most recent edition.)
I saved something to the desktop, and my session timed out. How do I get that back?

I think there is an FHA refund program for people who have paid their mortgage in full and overpaid the insurance.
I am looking for form 1120=H.
I am in Rye, and looking to access the statewide union catalog for CT. (Patron, who is a librarian could not search ReQuest in NYC because of her IP address. Provided contact information for iCONN. )
I have this receipt and I have to go to the website, enter a code, and then I will get a coupon for 15% off. I have a computer-phobia, so can you do this for me? (Again, this is in the same school of I need to apply for a job at Home Depot, I don't know how to use a computer, I don't have an email address, and I need to do it in 15 minutes. I ended up doing it for her, it took me all of 3 minutes, but had I left her on her own, she wouldn't have made it past the first screen. Now, I could write a whole other blog post about whether I am doing her (and my colleagues) a disservice by just doing it.)
I need help printing.
If I was looking for my friend who was using a computer checking his email, where would he be?
Tax forms. Tax forms.
Help me print. The document isn't showing up in print preview. What's your name? You have pretty eyes.

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