Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Reference

Only two hours on desk today:

Do you have the GMAT book by NOVA? (Patron also asked me if I was in school. No, I have a masters.)
What is the phone number for Geico? For auto insurance.
I am looking for all used record stores in CT.
I am looking for a person who used to live somewhere on Asylum Street in Hartford, CT but they moved. Can we look up the cell phone number? Can you look through tax forms and see where they are now living? (Um, no.) Can you look to see if they have a driver's license and what address is listed? (Um, no. I am not sure what the law says, but I think there is something called privacy.)
Do you have any DVDs on the US citizenship test?


kate said...

are you sure you're not a student volunteer, honey?

atz said...

Some of those questions are reasonably interpreted as "Can you direct me to a private investigator?"