Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm on my air cell phone

A little known fact about Maura: I like to air guitar. I like to air sitar. I like to play air stringed instruments. Always have, and hopefully always will. Air guitar is a part of who I am.

We have hosted a few Dance Dance Revolution Programs at the library, and I have looked on with envy as teenagers bopped around, their feet reaching for the right pads. I would be awkward and self-conscious without proper liquid libations. Libraries are picking up Guitar Hero as well and I hope having air guitar programs, with teenagers shredding like they are at Madison Square in '82. (However, most of them probably weren't born in '82...)

I recently attended an air guitar event and it was nothing short of amazing. May I suggest a few titles for your collection?

I recommend Air Guitar Nation, a witty documentary about one man's path to airness. The same man also published a hilarious memoir, a quick satisfying read with diagrams to develop technique.

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Reblogga said...

You hilarious nut! Rock on!!! (airy of course)