Monday, January 7, 2008

Space for everyone at the library!

Confession: I am a jealous person.

Over the weekend, the object of my jealousy was the Muhlenberg Branch of NYPL in my favorite neighborhood, Chelsea where my pal Jenny works.

Ahh.. Chelsea, home of Pinkberry, Big Booty Cafe and the worst experience I have ever had at a New York restaurant. That's right Mister Mexican restaurant, just because I am white doesn't mean I didn't understand the nasty things you said about me when I asked for a FORK!!!

But right, my insane jealousy. A teen space. A teen space. I work at a medium sized urban library, at the downtown branch where we have no real teen space, and I would argue till the cows came home that this is a space we need. Teens have different needs, different habits, activities, and teens today are certainly different from when I was a teen. I recall going to my hometown library, and slowing outgrowing the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High series. I loved that the YA section was upstairs in the gorgeous adult section of the library. I felt so special and grownup, selecting books to read among the adult books! To me, setting aside precious square footage for a population says, "hey, we are about you and your needs!"

Also: Jenny is at MW ALA as she is an Emerging Leader in ALA! Woo!!

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