Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2006 Reference Questions

I am cleaning up digital clutter at home and at work and came across this word document that I started in 2006. Not sure if I blogged this reference questions or not... but I am going to now!

October 24, 2006

  • What was the Dow Jones on last day of 1993 and 1994? The high, the low and the composite.
  • What was the price of oil in 1980?
  • I have to research funeral directors. What do you have to do to become a funeral director?

October 25, 2006
  • Who manufactures Allure shoes? What is their address?
  • I need information on river blindness (Onchocerciasis) and Guinea worm disease (Dracunculiasis).

November 27, 2006
  • I am looking for primary sources, like newspaper articles for this paper I am writing. My topic is Ancient Rome, about 100 B.C. I need information on daily life, arts, and important events.
  • I am looking for a painting my William Harnett, an American Painter. I think it is called “Still Life Old Violin”. I have done a Google search for the image, but I only found a cartoon version of it.
  • Stock prices for the American Israel Corporation for 6/6/83, 6/27/83, 7/26/83, 8/9/83, 9/16/83 as well as Electro Rent Corporation on 3/31/80, 12/30/80, 11/11/82, 11/15/83, 3/29/84.


Meg said...

Oh jesus. The ancient rome one just cracked us up after I read them out loud. Why don't you blog EVERYDAY?

maura said...

I just love your blog! I should blog more as I am getting married! And it's wonderful, stressful and FUN all in a little white three ring binder. Mostly, I want to take a nap!