Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reference Questions... (before vacation!)

I have a lot of desk time today. Which is fair, because I will have a lot of time in Europe next week! Yippee!!

So here we go,
I need tax forms, and I have these [a 1040EZ and CT Booklet]. Do these go together? I am not sure what I need.
Computer usage.
Request for two articles in the newspaper yesterday, one about property reevaluation and the other about proposed development in the South End. Patron also wanted to see if there was any visual renderings of the project on the developers website.
Did Jimi Hendrix write any books? I know Jim Morrison did. [ I said, "I don't think so, let's check, but I know he wrote some pretty awesome riffs!" And turns out, Jimi did not author any books in our collection, but we have a handful of biographies.]
I need to generate a list of environmental engineering consulting firms in New York and Connecticut.
Patron was looking for English (ESL) cassettes.
Computer stuff: how to print, card number look up.
Directional: to bathrooms, tax forms, copier, circulation.

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