Saturday, March 31, 2007

Reference Questions (post vacation)

Yesterday was my first day back from vacation, and I was jetlagged and dealing with some genealogy questions I should have not entertained. Live it, learn it.

Where can I find a copy of today's paper? (Posed by one of our teen tech interns...)
Where can I find People?
Do you have Consumer Reports?
I need the phone number for the CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in Hartford, CT.
Do you have TurboTax?
I need an application for an international driver's license.


CogSci Librarian said...

welcome back from vacation, Maura!
thanks for posting the reference questions -- I get a virtual thrill from reading them. :-)

maura, the librarian said...

thanks, stephanie! (i have some photos over at flickr.)

it is fun going back and reading them as well. and the content really generates itself, which is nice.