Monday, April 2, 2007

Reference Questions!

I hadn't even left my house, and felt I should go back to bed.

I ripped my parking pass this morning, the part that hangs from my rearview window. I proceeded to knock over the base for one of our phones (while the other librarian was on it)! Okay, question time. It is grey, cloudy, rainy and cold, so there isn't too much activity this morning.

A few guest passes for the computers. A printing question. A wireless internet question.
How do you spell Caucasian?
Can you place the movie "Matador" on hold for me?
Do you have a cross reference directory? Who is the publisher?
How much vitamin E is sesame? (Which then turned into how many miligrams are in a microgram, and a whole lot of logorrhea unrelated to grams, vitamin E and sesame.)
Where are your Connecticut State Laws located? Where is the courthouse located?
Where on the web can I find quotes on daily securities from the US Government?
One of our regulars uses an on demand publishing service for his book, and wanted to research other on demand publishers.
Can you tutor me in Flash and Powerpoint? I need to know them both right now!!
Do you have a map or Norwalk?

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