Monday, March 5, 2007

Reference Questions

Is blood blue when it is in your body? I remember hearing that in school, and wanted to check on it. (Patron is about 25. This one stumped me too! I remember being taught that as well. Turns out veins look blue due to the scattering and absorption of light of skin at different wavelengths, the depth of vessels and the visual perception. This question took some hunting in databases. I found it quickly in Wikipedia (I know, I know), but it illuminated how tricky it is to search for questions that are not technical. I found plenty of entries on veins and what they do, but not on this perception.)

Registration for my digital photography class. (Now full!)
Who is David Birline or David Dirline? (I have no idea. )
Questions about service.
Looking for New York Non resident tax forms.
I am looking for a type of business in Palm Beach County, FL. How would I go about getting a list?
I am looking for information on the forensics on the death of Madalyn Murray O'Hair.
Do you have any large paperclips?
I am looking for the Jewish Year Book that is published in London.

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