Friday, March 9, 2007

Reference Questions

I would like to renew my materials.
I have a papaya and I am not sure if I can eat the seeds or not, and the fruit is not listed in my Joy of Cooking.
Help! I accidentally glued my fingers together with Super Glue! How do I unstick them?
I'd like to apply for a job at FedEx and I need to go online to do that, but I don't know how to use a computer! I don't even have an email address. (These are so tricky. On so many levels. This could be a whole separate blog post.)
Do you have any tax guides?
A colleague asked for assistance with a patron trying to print something. Patron thought she was getting three copies, but in fact what she wanted to print was three pages.
What is the Connecticard and how can I get one?
I would like to place a hold on the book The Self Publishing Manual.
Can you help me find a contact phone number for the Mantis corporation?

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