Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Reference

Articles on transmission, differential (engines not math), the Packard, DeSoto, Mustang, and Camaro. (And by articles I mean Wikipedia.)
I'd like to use a computer, I have a Trumbull card.
My handwriting as a font! Cool! Is there any free programs for that? (Cheapest is 9 bucks. My opinion, totally worth it. Most are around $50.)
Do you have Can you help me print these images?
I am looking for books on yoga and fertility.
Directions to the nearest unemployment office.
Application for first time home buyers seminar through the Housing Development Fund. (2 times)
I am selling something on ebay and don't have that high of a rating or any super seller stars. How can I list references so that people can trust me? (Recommend the usage of ebay's escrow service.)
Do you have any encyclopedias? I am looking for some information on black panthers. (I do a cursory search to see if we have a black panther encyclopedia. Nothing. So, I show her where teh encyclopedias are, and say I am going to look for an African American subject encyclopedia. She looks at me and says, "No. I mean the animal!" Totally missed the obvious question in the ref interview: the political party or the animal!)

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