Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reference Questions: The Full Moon Edition

Can you help me print?
What were the numbers for the Daily News $2 Million Mega Money Match for April 28?
Can you help me find the number for The Grand in New York on 58th Ave?
Can you help me find tourist attractions in Berlin and Dublin? (The coolest project! His class made passports and have to travel the world and write postcards about the places they have visited.)
How far down Newfield Avenue is the Italian Club?
The ladies bathroom is clogged.
Can you think I should use the word disparate instead of disparagingly? Is this sentence grammatically correct?

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Jennylish. said...

I had someone in just the other day looking for numbers for various days of the Daily News Mega Millions. I spent a lot (too much) time helping her, so I'm kind of hoping she wins the millions and thanks me with a big fat check. ;)