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Libraries as Laboratories for Innovation – cil2008

Libraries as Laboratories for Innovation –

Matt Gullet:
creating a new environment, ambient classical jazz music. slides running content, cool videos, flickr, etc.

you are doing something right when some people complain, but some people say, YAY!

libraries as innovation centers. Matt used a lot of things for the first time at the public library. worked in communities and worked on creating new experiences for “the library” used film festivals, tech conference for youth. the library is more; it is a community center for innovation.


do you go to apple stores? do you like them?
benchmarking a similar facility—the apple store was the closest thing as to what they were trying to do.
Discovery Service Center: bars, stools to sit on. wanted to make eye level contact ppl when they come in. plasma screens run content. profiles customers: take their picture, ask about their favorite websites. trying to make the space more human. we are here to help, glad you are here. controlling the environment, but being friendly.

music: we are control of what’s going on here. esp in urban areas.

apple stores have ppl clustered around tables, are teach ppl. instruction in session stick.

game lab @ plcmc
unc charlotte does research at the library. invited them to visit the library.
looking for potential relationships.

create a digitally literate ppl through games and interactive media (I’ve been thinking about games as a tool for basic computer instruction)

learning lab: small classes, demilitarized zone, new/experimental software, studio for digital programming, scanners, media hubs. a space with an lcd projector.
space to build partnerships

studio i: blue screens, digital video cameras, music studio and sound booth in development. adults like this stuff too. story: guy who produces his public access show at the lib.

Greg Schwartz, Library Systems Manager, Louisville Free Public Library

story: master facilities plan, generated about 6-7 yrs ago. a design to remodel 17 locations and build a few more. ambitious and large.

library as cornerstone for lifelong learning through technology.
4 ppl were chosen, including greg. not to toot his own horn.

not quite where they want to be yet:
library ballot for taxes. budget went south, instead of thinking about technology on a broad scale, have been asked to think about content mgmt systems, workflows, how to do more with less.

a beta testing program: pairing patrons with emerging technologies. put an application on their website. give ppl things to play with (kindles, ipods) and then talk to them. how did they use it? what do they think? intersections with lib services. (so cool!) patron pool is very diverse.

looking to aggregate content of onlineUs and combine some of the locally produced content. expose patrons to opportunities to educate themselves.

greg mentioned this: http://www.lfpl.org/charrette/

three things you need in place:
talent (you may already have it. you may be it. might not be utilized)
time and space: very hard to have higher level thinking when you have day to day things to handle. impossible to step away.
support from admin: $$, space to operate. the ability to get away (think out of the office). commitment- getting them to say yes, or maybe. the greatest barrier to any innovation effort.

computer training centers will change. we’ll still be teaching word. and we'll get tired of that. the need will still exist.

matt: one of the most important things to have staff who are into it. you might not be able to build a new space, or even have a room. but more around service philosophy.

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