Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Library Sandbox: Testing Innovative Ideas

The Library Sandbox: Testing Innovative Ideas

Barbara Tierney, Science Reference Librarian, University of North Carolina

studies show there is no ideal floor plan for Ics, there are myriad possibilities for configuration

Substance trumps space. what does matter is various technologies, human expertise

info commons becoming an arena for social networking- combining the social and the academic.

info commons are all around: small lib arts college, comm. arts college, div school. changes in tech have resulted in changes in how libraries are evaluated.

if you could start over, what would you do differently?

(this presentation is not meeting up to the expectation of the program guide. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
reading a paper you wrote? things she is saying are interesting, but very theoretical, could be greatly enhanced with some pictures of pretty Lcs and such. SHOW US what you mean. Give us feedback from users. tell us the stories.)

students are using myface. or myfaith. or something.

focus on user needs.
begin the commons with an eval program on face.

take away for MPOW – cell phone zones—maybe cute little phone booths.

movable walls.

okay. now she is showing us slides of pretty things, with lots of bullets.

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