Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Reference Questions: Four hour evening BONANZA!!!

Can I have a scrap of paper?
Can I use the men's room? (A woman. I told her that it probably wasn't clean and there was another restroom on the third floor.)
I am looking for international data about the number of students who graduate from high school and the number of students enrolled in college. It is for a company I work for to throw on (i love data questions!)
Do you have any quiet study rooms?
TAX FORMS!!!!!!!! (2 times!)
How can I access the Library of Congress holdings? Do I need a library card to search in their catalog? Can I print out the information I find in the catalog?
I'd like to make a reservation for the internet.
Biographies on Ray Barretto, Bernie Geoffrion, John Kenneth Galbraith, and Ricardo "Richie" Ray.
My computer mysteriously froze. (Restart! Check!)
Ugh, what is wrong with my screen? (The resolution needed adjustment. Check!)
Can I get an application for a library card?

"Monique has MySpace issues!!"
The sound of a soda can being opened.

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